Thursday, September 29, 2016

Prospect Mornings 9.28.16

     I had a late work day, so that means I got to go in late, which means I was able to do some exploring in the park, comfortably before work. And that's what I did, I grabbed my binoculars and camera and traveled from Vanderbilt up to Lookout Hill, to the Ravine, along the Lullwater, before heading home to grab my things for work.
     I found that when you found activity, it was abundant in that area- which was usually not more than a tree or tuft of goldenrod, but then I would travel and hit some dead zones. I'm sure the random event happening on the Neathermead may have had some affect on what was around.
     I was still pleased to have a pleasant morning out and to still have enough time to enjoy the park before work.
Winter is coming...
A sure sign that summer is over, a few dark-eyed juncos and white-throated sparrows were atop Lookout Hill, they migrate to us from the North and spend the winter around our parts.
A male cardinal feeds on the seeds, abundant in the wildflower meadows on Lookout Hill.
I love messy beaks! Their large beak is perfect for hulling seeds and crushing them. 
Came upon a family of mute swans and many mallards in front of the boat house as I looped around to the Lull Water.
I have been learning from my mistakes, I have been having a hard time with warblers in fall. Today, though, I felt pretty good today recalling birds I have had trouble with and being able today to confidently ID the warblers who were feeding in masses, it seemed, among certain trees. This guy is a black throated green, with white wing bars, streaks on flanks, that greenish-olive back, and a yellow streak over the eye.
This double crested cormorant popped up during my warbler watching, and caught my eye as it came up with a prize in his beak, so I grabbed a couple of shots...
Only to realize it was a stick, he tossed it around a bit and dropped it before diving down again.
Camouflaged among the goldenrod.
A yellow warbler seems to have the perfect camouflage for fall.
One of the many active Northern Parulas.