Monday, September 5, 2016

Green-Wood Cemetery 9.3.16

     A walk in Green-Wood on Saturday morning proved to be full of red-breasted nuthatches and frogs. Also the weather felt cold, and that made me sad. The seasons are changing and summer is nearing its end (I love summertime) and birds are on the move (I mean, I like that part of it, I suppose).
A big ol' flower at the Ft. Hamilton Parkway Entrance of the Cemetery.
Something looks off here, with this woodchuck...
If rodents do not gnaw and keep their teeth in check, this happens. The lower incisors are overgrown, soon it will make eating not so easy. This could put this woodchuck at a bit of a disadvantage in the survival game. Nature is not always super kind.
Came upon a pine that was full of activity, so much activity that the winged seeds from the pine cones were snowing down from this tree as a slew of red breasted nuthatches enjoyed the available buffet. 

A beautiful (and active) bald-faced hornet nest.
The Dell Water is the lowest I have ever seen it, and super mucky and green. The fact that frogs are still living there is amazing to me. The waters are brimming with hundreds of frogs, lining the shore, squeaking and hopping if you venture too close. The algae bloom in there is pretty gnarly. Although they managed to "clean" the algae from the Crescent water and add goldfish, that a kingfisher was happy to hunt (and probably pick off easily) as they stay near the surface of their poorly oxygenated habitat.
A green sludge soup of frogs on the Dell Water. Again, amazed these guys are able to survive in this!