Sunday, May 21, 2017

Brooklyn Birdathon 2017

     This year I participated, along with my friend, Molly in the Brooklyn Birdathon. Our Team, Celebirdy Sightings sighted and heard 72 species of bird. I did have to peel out at around 3pm to rest, have a few drinks, then go to Green-Wood Cemetery for a night time program.
     It was a really fun day, I think next year, I would make a plan and schedule out a few places to tackle, as we birded Prospect park from 6:30am till 1pm. Then went to Green-Wood after a quick lunch break. I cut out after Green-Wood and the remainder of the team went to Drier-Offerman. I was hoping that a nocturnal walk in Green-Wood might help our team, but alas, there were no night time birds to amp up our list.
     My favorite sight and life bird, was seeing a Kentucky Warbler. Due to overcast skies, photos were really hard to take so I got some okay glimpses of mostly still or well lit birds.
     On Tuesday, 5/23 I am presenting some of my photos at photo night for the Brooklyn Bird Club Meeting at the Brooklyn Public Library. I admit I have never attended a meeting and this sounded like a good chance to meet more members and get a bit more involved in this community. I am terrified, haha!
     Anyway, this birdathon benefitted the Wild Bird Fund- so really the point of this was not just to be competitive and fun, but to also raise some $$$ for the WBF. I donated- you should too!
     Anyway- some sights from the Birdathon:
Some were getting a little frisky, and we creepily watched... because I've never seen squirrels do it-- have you?!

The face you make when you realize you're being watched during private time...

Glad we watched those squirrels getting randy, because this guy came in and landed right above them- a ruby-throated hummingbird!

The way the birdathon worked is that to count a bird at least 2 people from the team need to see/hear the bird-- so there was a lot of "DID YOU SEE IT?!" "No! Where is it!?" and then ensued the task of trying to explain where a bird is in a fully leaved tree.... 
Noticed a lot of house wren, out in the open, calling, displaying. Sighted more house wrens than we heard house wrens!

When you realize.... you've been spotted.

A green heron, vocalizing along the lullwater with their odd throaty call.

Where we met additional members of our team- at the dog beach. Where some red-wing blackbirds joined us too, helping us to spy wood ducks and spotted sandpiper.

After walking to the vale, midwood, and ravine-- we went to Green-Wood Cemetery. At the Dell Water there was a bit of ruffled feathers among these two male Baltimore Orioles.

Pinning his opponent down...

Lots of kicking and flapping... seemed like it was a struggle of who could pin down the other.

A karate-like kick and grab of the beak... once it was over, one ran off, while the other flew up-- perhaps to whoever was watching. Maybe a female? Who knows!

Double vision

A pair of great egrets-- perhaps wooing one another at the Dell Water.
To fellow birders of Brooklyn and visitors to Prospect Park- I will share the one not so good story of the day, being a fellow birder and friend was robbed of their phone when threatened with a knife in the Midwood. A reminder to never let your guard down-- and account and description can be found on Peter's Blog for Prospect Park. If you see him, call 911!