Thursday, May 4, 2017

Prospect Park Birding 5.4.17

     I am jamming in as much bird time as I can as the weather will turn sour the next two days and on Sunday I plan to torture my body by running 13.1 miles, continuously. So, gotta get some bird time in before the rain and before my body breaks down.
     I headed to Prospect based on reports, and while I saw no Cerulean Warbler or White Crowned Sparrow, I did see a bunch of other warblers, including a Nashville. I also found happiness in visiting the Vale as birds were down low and easy to view as they bathed, fed, and hunted for insects.
     After hearing a report of the cerulean, I ran from the Vale back to Lookout (where I began -- and my official final run before the half marathon) I came up empty handed - but got that Nashville and a Magnolia warbler instead.
A black-throated-blue warbler atop Lookout Hill, the only blue colored warbler in my day today.

A kestrel in my favorite type of tree (Tulip Poplar) overlooking the Neathermead.

A little Chipmunk on my way to the Vale.

A small mudpuddle attracted bathers- including this cardinal. I also saw a redstart, parula, yellow-rumped, and robins coming down to the ground to bathe.

Really enjoyed seeing so many Baltimore Orioles in the vale. This one has a beak covered in pollen as it feeds from flower to flower-- another great pollinator!

I ADORE these guys!

And oh yeah, catbirds. Everywhere.