Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Usual Salt Marsh Crowd

     Yesterday I headed to the Salt Marsh in Marine Park. I was hoping to see a clapper rail and did not. But, despite the non-stop wind, I still enjoyed the usual creatures all around the marsh.
     I did run into a group doing their own bird-a-thon, I was jealous because they had been birding all day and still were not yet done. Oh to be retired... They were super nice and I hope they got to see some cool birds.
     Anyway- after a walk around the main loop, this is all I came up with despite the crazy wind...
One thing I love about visiting the salt marsh, is more than the osprey-- the local community that adores their osprey pair. They speak lovingly of the pair, hoping for eggs and babies. Locals who use the park speak proudly of this pair and it warms my heart every time.
One of the two was noshing on a fish while the other was being responsible...

Sitting on the nest and staying low from the high winds.

Ruffled feathers in gusty winds for this mourning dove.

Found some spotted sandpipers on my way out- this guy was super cooperative as I sat behind the fence peering at him.

Spotted sandpipers are recognizable not only because they are spotted but also because they teeter as they walk. That teeter also adds onto their super cuteness.

Oh, in case you were not aware- catbirds are back, and everywhere... but I really like them, a lot.

A super cute song sparrow perches on the ledge over looking the marsh-- also super cooperative!

Obligatory bird in a flowery shrub picture...