Saturday, May 6, 2017

Green-Wood Birding 5.6.17

     I really thought today would be a wash, but rain cleared out last night and I am glad I got out for a walk. I came in as the gate by our home opened up for the day and walked along spotting whatever caught my eye.
     In keeping a 2017 species list, I have come to terms that not every outing would result in adding a bird to my list. I really thought today would be one of those days, of course, it wasn't...
This one maple, with leaves similar in color to the orchard oriole was filled with orchard and Baltimore orioles!
While I was birding my way toward the Dell Water, a birding friend, Karen pulled up in her car, called out to me that there is a summer tanager and if I wanted a ride there, of course I said yes and jumped in.
We drove to the Dell water to find the group who found it this morning and...

A bird (#185) for the 2017 list-- Summer Tanager. Unlike the scarlet it is all red and has a much thicker bill that seems blunt at the tip.

With low light, photos are subpar, but super happy to add this guy to my 2017 list!
These birds specialize in eating bees and wasps which makes perfect sense now as to why he was at the Dell water- thats where there are some bee hives.
They don't really breed here, according to range maps, and also don't seem to stay here, their summer range is just south of here, so people try to see this bird when it is around.

Not a bird-- husband says its an F18 jet.

Refueling above the cemetery.

A good outing for Eastern Kingbirds. These guys are big and look sharp-- and with the sun coming out they looked great!

A yellow warbler stalking its quarry, insects hiding between leaves and stems.

The usual sight in Green-Wood, but never taken for granted, the Northern Mockingbird.