Saturday, October 8, 2016

LBJ's.... Not a Political Post

     People are getting angry, worked up, and rude towards each other as election season is in its final stretch. I have my opinions, but, guess what, birds have nothing political to 'em- they clear my mind, give me focus, and inspire me. So I'll put some birds here for you to enjoy, take your mind off of things, and maybe make you smile.
     LBJ is birder speak for "Little Brown Job." There are lots of little brown birds, from wrens, to sparrows, to finches- to the untrained eye, they can be confusing, and sometimes even for the trained eye still. Fall brings us lots of LBJ's and once you get to know 'em you can see that each one is pretty unique. I went to Prospect last Wednesday before work and sought out sparrows walking to Lakeside, where they boast an amazing green roof. Enjoy...
A lump on a log... this is the funniest little song sparrow. Song sparrows drive me insane because they can vary a bit in their shades of brown, and behavior. Sometimes making me think they might be something else. I still like them, especially in the spring when they are not the least bit shy in belting out their song.
A floofy mockingbird. In my search for sparrows on the green roof there were many mockingbirds singing, imitating an array of other birds.
A funny little white-throated sparrow. It's obvious how this bird earns its name, their throat is white- they also boast yellow eyebrows (lores) and block stripes over their head and through the eye.
A much lighter colored song sparrow than the one I saw on the log.
This whote-throated sparrow gives us a better look at his lovely plumage.

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