Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gannet Watch

     Today I went on a whale watch with Gotham Whale, via American Princess Cruises with a few of my friends and husband. With so many whale sightings in the last 2 weeks, I thought we might fare well. Thankfully the weather and water were on our sides, both tolerable.
     Unfortunately we saw no whales, but I did get my first sight of surf scoters (way far away) and many great views of Northern Gannets. And that's it, unfortunately in viewing wildlife, it's all a gamble (my favorite kind of gamble to take).
     Anyway, here are some okay shots of birds from the boat today...
A common loon
A flock of black scoters
A young Northern Gannet

A surprised young Northern Gannet, who wasn't expecting to swim from a boat.

Bickering gulls were common, we saw herring (one up top), ring-billed, greater black backed, laughing (one below) and Bonaparte's

It was also cool to see gulls hunting and succeeding!

A lovely adult N. Gannet makes a close pass to the boat.

Young N. Gannet
An adult gannet evades our vessel.

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