Monday, August 5, 2013

My Favorite Sparrow

    I wrote last winter about some interesting birds living around the Central Park Zoo where I work. I have always noticed one male house sparrow with piebald coloration especially on his primary feathers (the long feathers at the wing tips). I have literally seen him at least 1-2 times per week since I began working there in November of 2011. I love seeing him and his blaze of white when he flies. I had my camera on me today and as I left work, I was able to snap some photos of him as he showed off his awesome and unique plumage...

Showing off. 
I didn't realize the blaze of white also present on his "shoulder." That is anatomically though equivalent to our wrist.
... And he also has a little white collar too!
... And tail feathers!
I worked with a small group of teens every Saturday and during one of our birdwatching activities, I mentioned this guy, and sure enough we saw him and the kids named him "Jack Sparrow." 
He has something yummy!
Blurry, but you can get a sense of how gorgeous this little common house sparrow is in flight... 

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