Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sparrow, Junco, Nuthatch... SQUIRREL!

     Yesterday a rare bird (lapland longspur) was reported in Prospect Park so I figured I'm not doing much, why not! Of course I did not see that longspur, but I saw many other lovelies, including a squirrel that was out of the ordinary.
A mallard drake cuts across water reflecting the changing leaves above. 
The tiny, ruby crowned kinglet.
See where I am? I can't tell you how many dogs are just running by...
The longspur was last seen around on of the ballfields. Birding is tough around the ballfields, understandably people in the area are exercising, or playing- I get that. But the number of off leash dogs was mind blowing. Not only are unleashed dogs dangerous for wildlife, it is also dangerous for the dog. Dogs were also all over the fields.
After some disappointment over the ball field, I found this little guy- a leucistic (not-so) grey squirrel!
Why is this not albino? Well, the eyes are a giveaway, albino animals lack all dark pigment, meaning the eyes appear red. Leucistic animals are white, with dark/blue eyes. Speaking of eyes, you better keep a lookout, squirrel...
This coloration, while gorgeous is a disadvantage, this squirrel is an easy target as it lacks camouflage.

Dark eyed juncos are everywhere, and will stay through the winter.
Lots of hermit thrush around the park. 
A hen (left) and drake (right) wood ducks.
This duck is the perfect duck for autumn.

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