Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snowy Coney

     I have the pleasure of working on Coney Island, and with the frigid temperatures and snow today, well how could you not venture out onto the beach?! Also, yesterday was National Bird Day, so in celebration of the snow and National Bird Day, here are some of the locals in the snow. Except these snow birds are not in Florida, just good ol' Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY!

A herring gull takes refuge in the African Penguin exhibit at work today.
Not the typical Coney Island most know...
Ring billed gulls took refuge on the sand, many were plopped down to rest and keep warm.
Snowy sand or sandy snow? The patterns the wind created in the sand were very pretty highlighted in white.
Furious flapping by a herring gull to land on the water near the shore.
A common loon just offshore.
Coney Island is eerily quiet in the winter, even more so in the snow.
Loons or polar bears? You decide! Coney Island is famous for its active Polar Bear Club, definitely not a club I would think to join!

A cozy ring billed gull.
Herring gull fly-by, before I headed back inside to huddle over the office space heater!

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