Monday, April 20, 2015

A Ray of Prothonotary on a Grey Day

     A prothonotary warbler has been seen the last few days in Prospect Park. Part of me wanted to go out before work this morning to get it, but the weather was foul (not fowl) and really not made for walking around in. So when I was on my way home from work and the rain had stopped, I was debating a run or seeing if I could find this warbler. I think I made a great choice, enjoy an all Prothonotary photo shoot. I hope he brings a little light into your day like he did for me!
First glimpse! Snatching insects in the bark.
This bird GLOWS! The yellow is magnificent and those blue-grey wings really make him shine!
These birds don't really spend much time in these parts, so the chance to see one is worth sacrificing a run for. This is a life bird for me and I was so happy to find it, right here in Brooklyn!
A pine warbler joins the foraging fun! The green of the plants and rain soaked world was really great to see, and with this guy shining all around it, made for a beautiful scene. 
Foraging for insects near the edge of the lullwater in Prospect Park, just on the other side of the bridge from the Boathouse.
I loved seeing him fan his tail, to show off the white marking hiding under those feathers.

Very happy to see this bird today, I hope on this ewwie, yucky rainy day that you could still find something good to bring a smile to your face. This guy totally got me pumped, in the bird nerdiest way possible!

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