Sunday, October 1, 2017

East Pond Adventures

     I made a call on Facebook for anyone to join me on birding the East Pond at Jamaica Bay WR and got one bite from a member of the Feminist Bird Club. We met early and donned our boots for a mucky morning on the pond. We both got looks at a few good birds- many that confused us because, shore birds- they are tough.
     Also, ducks are back. Which means only one thing...

     So I had to jog my memory on what the heck I was looking at, Gadwall, Blue & Green-wing Teals, American Wigeon, Ruddy ducks, all among hundreds of Northern Shoveler.
    Anyway, there were still enough shorebirds around to give me a headache...
Phoebes (like the one above), cedar waxwings, and a solitary blue-headed vireo (see what I did there?) were some of my parking lot birds.

At the East Pond, we were immediately greeted by one of MANY Northern shovelers.

Birds that drove me nuts.
Back droopy-billed bird, is a dunlin, 3 middle birds are white-rumped sandpipers, bird in front of middle white-rump is a semi-palmated sandpiper and the back to us, a pectoral sandpiper. Oy.

White-rumped Sandpiper


White-rumped Sandpiper

Green-winged teal.

Pectoral Sandpiper.

A lot of common yellowthroat out there!

Also a lot of palm warbler. A chain-link palm is probably one of the best looks I have gotten at a palm this fall...

Urban palm warbler.

A single semipalmated plover.

A good day for swamp sparrows!

Also a good day to see the continuing American Avocet at the pond- more north on the pond.

That bill seems so unreal-- like how does it not break?!

A few Forster's terns out actively hunting.

One last white-rumped sandpiper for the road.

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