Sunday, November 5, 2017

1 Year - Feminist Bird Club!

     Yesterday we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the Feminist Bird Club, founded by the amazing, Molly Adams! A sizeable group of us went on a late-day bird walk in Prospect Park and celebrated with drinks at a local pub that helped by donating a portion of sales to Circle of Health, a non-profit providing emergency health services to natural disaster and crisis victims -- and currently assisting with relief in Puerto Rico.
     On our walk, we saw some pretty cool things including an AMAZING close encounter with a young red-tail hawk consuming (and butchering) a rat. I got some great pictures BUT I WARN YOU BEFORE YOU BEGIN SCROLLING - photos that follow are things that happen in nature, you will see a rat being pulled apart to be eaten by a natural predator, a red-tail hawk. Some may find such photos graphic. I do not consider them so, as I see this as a part of the natural ecosystem and local food web - so please scroll at your own discretion!
     We had an amazing walk and a really great time- I look forward to future walks and accomplishments by the club! For more info on future walks, etc-- check 'em out here:
     Enjoy some of the sights (again, at your own discretion!)...
We began our walk by heading along the lake to LeFrak -- treated to many of the locals- including American Coots (above), Northern Shovelers, Ruddy Duck, and Canada Geese.

A Canada x Domestic hybrid

This is a local bird- seen this guy here in Prospect and at Green-Wood.

On the green roof we saw the local mockingbirds and many yellow-rumped warblers, foraging for insects that still remain into early November.

And then we ventured toward the Lullwater, where this immature Red-tail hawk greeted us as it ate its rat-- among spectators and did it not give a care!

This bird- beautifully pale, doing a very important job, being an active member of the local food web. Birds of prey are the best form of rodent control. Better than cats, any day. 

Of course, my #1 worry is hawks eating rats that have been exposed to poison. Toxins from prey bioaccumulates in top predators and can result in their death. Please, when considering rodent control, don't choose poison!

That amazing hooked beak- a perfect tool for portioning out bite size bits.

I really love this shot-- and really got a kick out of watching this bird do what comes naturally.

And those talons... the perfect killing tool!

This was a super huge treat, to be allowed into this animals world and be able to observe its role as a top predator in this urban park! This was the top part of the walk for me-- and I am super happy that we had such a great time out-- all for good cause and all for women in birding!

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