Saturday, April 21, 2018

BBC Spring Migration Walk, Seeing Yellow

     It's my last Saturday off until June or so. I like to try and get to one of the migration walks with the BrooklynBird Club and this was my one chance for the spring -- although with having Tuesdays off, I suppose I can start attending those!
     Dennis led a great walk, I stuck it out through 9:30 which was perfect for adding a Northern Parula and Yellow Warbler to my year list, bringing me up to 151 species. I hope they had some other great finds after I departed.
     For the portion of the walk I was on, great excitement came for an early yellow warbler and a yellow throated warbler:
First looks at the yellow warbler on Duck Island. Poking around in the low shrubs and stumps.

Lots of warbler flying around duck island, while this great blue heron soaked up some morning sun. It was another cold morning and I should have left my mittens on.
Palm, pine, yellow-rumped, and one yellow warbler buzzing around the island. Swallows were also over the water, they included barn, tree, and Northern rough-winged.

Then we caught the yellow warbler on the island near LeFrak. So yellow, so over exposed in the morning sun.

Then we went over to the terrace bridge to find not one, but two yellow-throated warblers. From atop the bridge we were treated to eye-level and birds-eye view of birds.

Along with the butter butts and ruby-crowned kinglets, this bird was busy looking for insects.

We also heard them sing and learned it's song is similar to the yellow warbler, but a bit slurred.

I think we were being watched too.

I love a chance to see this birds eye so clearly, iris and pupil. It gave us great looks coming really close to our group.

This bird even made its way under the bridge, clinging to it from below in search of insects. This was a lovely treat, city birds are pretty bold and always seem to get closer than the ones in rural areas. I suppose you'll do whatever it takes to get the food you need,
If you are interested in joining a Brooklyn Bird Club walk, most are free! Check their schedule and jump onboard, there is much to learn from the leaders and those who participate in the walk.

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