Saturday, November 10, 2018

Thankful for the Little Things.

     In birding over my weekend, the little birds caught my eye. Their energy, their big personalities, and their ability to dangle from any plant - I love those qualities! The temperatures have also dropped, I have found myself cold, craving more layers, and at times, shivering. Winter is drawing near and birds big and small are preparing- much of that involves eating.
     From Brooklyn to the Bronx here are little birds, dangling, flitting, and snacking, as little birds do!
An upside-down red-breasted nuthatch scours the bark for a tasty morsel.

Loudly making its presence known as it makes it's high pitch, "heh-heh, heh-heh-heh, heh, heh" the entire time.

A favorite sight: upside down golden-crowned kinglet!
Absolute perfection on a moss covered twig.

It's pretty perfect right-side up too!

In Pelham Park, it was so windy. I was excited to explore an area I had never been before, Turtle Cove was secluded, quiet and muddy.
That was no problem for me and no problem for this white-breasted nuthatch.

Near Hunter Island, any Goldenrod left has gone to seed, and if it had seeds, it was dropping with goldfinch.

I love how this little goldfinch is covered in seeds too!
Jerked and rocked by the wind, this little tiny dinosaur didn't stop, it was on a mission to get every last seed.

We drop down to near freezing tonight. Hope those little birdies stay warm!

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