Thursday, December 27, 2018

Long Island in Winter

I spent the day yesterday out on Long Island looking for birds. It was well worth the trip, the ducks, the seals, the gulls, and the scenes. It was just a whole day outdoors, which is my favorite. I think the beach is the just as good in the winter as it is in the summer. 
Despite the duck hunters out in the bay, it's very peaceful watching the birds come in from the ocean and others leaving the bay. Combing the waters offshore for birds bobbing in the waves, a seal sneaking into your field of view, and flocks of scoter moving about make for a good outing.
A beautiful male common eider was swimming right next to the breakwater I was walking on.

And then this fat head popped up. There were lots of them, actually, and I loved seeing them.

This harbor seal seems to be doing well on the fooding front...

Love these water puppies!

A lovely surprise, a trip of harlequin ducks flew right over to the area I was walking.

They dove together and swam together, would resurface and find a new place to dive. 
And just like these sweet ducks grabbed my attention, I saw white wings over the dunes.

A glaucous gull!

Appears to be a first winter bird.

I was very happy to see this bird, I very badly needed one for the year.

And another white bird.
(500mm zoom, cropped, and said white bird was on private property so I was a good ways away)

A passing, loudly cawing crow set it on guard for a moment.

Once passed it went back to its original configuration.

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