Sunday, July 19, 2020

This Week in Wildlife

 I did a few walks this week with the baby, doing some birding and wildlife watching. We visited Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Prospect Park, and Marine Park Salt Marsh. We had some nice outings and lucked out on the weather this week.
     We saw some pretty cool things, nothing super out of the ordinary, but every outing is just wonderful to enjoy and keep up with the things I love, and hopefully our little one will also come to love too!
At Jamaica Bay, our big highlight was baby ducks...

These are gadwall ducklings!

Mama gadwall and her half grown babes.

Our visit to the Marine Park Salt Marsh Nature Center was mostly from the back of the nature center as they were applying pesticide. So we watched a Monarch Lay its eggs on milkweed.

We also watched a solo black skimmer do some skimming. The fish were jumping, hope it caught a few!

We also went to Prospect Park this week. The Eastern Kingbirds at the Upper Pool were hunting voraciously.
I love Eastern Kingbirds, bold and beautiful!

This once was a baby wood duck, now it's just an awkward teenage wood duck drake.

Summer is dragonfly season!

A special treat, some green herons!

The kiddos being fed.

This is 100% dinosaur.

Wonder what was brought back for them. There were at least two chicks.

A lovely female cardinal along the borders of the neathermead.

At butterfly meadow we were surprised there we not as many flowers as we expected.
But we aw this chipmunk.

We also saw this Great blue heron fly over our heads.
We also tried a few times to see the comet Noewise and failed. But we got some pretty dramatic sunsets over Manhattan.

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