Saturday, November 21, 2020

Ash-Throated Flycatcher

     Saturday is usually my free day where I don't have to push a baby around all day. I planned a visit to get another bird that would be nice on my life list and Kings County list. An ash-throated flycatcher had been at the cemetery for about a week now so with another warm day, I had to be outside. Also, a bonus to birding is it makes for a socially distant way to see people and socialize in person, so seeing good people today was also just as good as seeing this very plucky bird!

 Often, when there is a rare visitor, it's usually found by spotting the crowd and then the bird. While this bird did lure in a small gaggle of on-lookers, I was really happy to find it first, and then out from behind some neighboring bushes came the crowd.

This bird, about similar in size to a mockingbird is an Ash-throated flycatcher. Native to the South -western US, in scrubby and arid areas, this bird clearly made a wrong turn in Albuquerque. 

Since they usually come from fairly dry climes, these birds never drink. They get all their hydration from eating insects and spiders. On a warm day like today, this bird was probably finding plenty to eat.

Described as looking curious, they sure do seem to have an interest in looking around, cocking their head at all angles.

After some time and watching folks follow this bird about, I gave my time up, wished it well and was on my way.

Then I ran into some friends, which was super nice, talking to adults is a breath of fresh air. My friend Ryan spotted this red-shouldered hawk soaring over us.

At the Dell water, we joined a few other good folks and sat watching goldfinches and siskins come down to drink and bathe. Hoping for crossbills being spotted flocking around all afternoon, they never came in the time that I sat with them but again, the company was very welcome.

As I headed out, I saw this sweet little tufted titmouse on a very interesting gravestone. A full afternoon of birding in good company was pretty great and welcome, so good in fact, I even skipped lunch.
I never skip lunch.


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