Thursday, April 29, 2021

Getting Warmer

     The weather is warming up and so are the birds. Earlier this week a few more familiar faces filled the green spaces. On Monday I ventured back to Green-Wood Cemetery to get a few firsts of the year and to enjoy the gorgeous flowering trees. On Wednesday I did a morning walk with the baby before work and daycare at our local patch, the Salt Marsh at Marine Park.

    By this weekend, sounds like it is going to be pretty perfect spring birding conditions.

In Green-Wood the flowering crabapples at the Valley Water were crawling with birds, including this very vocal blue-grey gnatcatcher.

I can never ever tire of wrens, there is a pair of Carolina wrens calling the Dell Water slopes their home.

Got to say hello to my first of the year Black-and-white Warbler, which I'll see plenty of during these warm months.

And I am beginning my farewells to these birds, the white-throated sparrows have been singing their songs and will soon be gone for more Northern spaces.

Meanwhile, the yellow-rumped warblers have been here, they just do a costume change and are far more eye-catching than they were in their winter digs.

On our Marine Park walk yesterday, we were immediately greeted with 4 Grey Catbirds, back from their winter homes.

The new osprey nest still seems active, but with not a while lot of action. There are often birds perched there but no one ever on the (pretty weak, in my opinion) nest. Perhaps they are young and inexperienced?

We were so excited to see (5 total) glossy ibis foraging in the marsh. Don't really see them down in the marsh that often so this was a treat.
Little did I know there would be another bird I was hoping to spy, but only heard hiding in plain sight. When processing the pictures I noticed a crouching clapper rail at one of the puddles!!

And lastly, before starting work or daycare, a very obliging great egret to wish good day!

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