Monday, May 24, 2021

Spring Migration Winding Down

     On Saturday, the kiddo and I met my friend Christine at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge to do some birding and general wildlife watching. Compared to one week ago, there was definitely less species diversity but an abundance of the residents and nesting species. We enjoyed a lot of yellow warblers, the occasional flyover glossy ibis, and the nesting osprey among others. 

    I was impressed that the baby made the entire loop around the west pond without a fuss, granted she did take a pretty solid nap. I also got her some reef-safe baby sunscreen and she really likes the tube and held on to it for the entire loop. And of course, all the birders were smitten when she gave them a look and a smile.

    Despite the species diversity there was still plenty to view and enjoy and that we did!

Arrived to singing house wrens. Who were all around the place, just this one was very okay with being out in the open.

Cute as a button.

This robin has a grub and struts with perhaps a little pride?

An awful picture, but I spotted this sparrow and noticed it was different, and it sure was - Lincoln's Sparrow!

A pair of Bay breasted warblers were putting on a show against an overcast sky in the canopy of leaves...

Excited to have remembered the song of the willow flycatcher and identified it correctly. I repeat this same feeling every year when I hear my first willow flycatcher.

The Jamaica Bay WR Special: perching tree swallows.

Little blue gems they are.

I didn't know what this was because it made no sound. It was a willow flycatcher.

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