Friday, February 21, 2014

There's Hope for Spring!

     Yesterday I went for a short walk to Prospect Park with my good friend Robin, who also happens to be an animal enthusiast too. We walked over to the little bit of open water at the lake in the hopes of seeing some good waterfowl, and we did. The Mergansers were very visible and we even got one of those cliche swan heart poses from the mute swans.
     Photographing was hard as the sun was bright and behind all the birds, but oh well. The good news was I got to wear a light jacket, the snow was melting, and the sun was out. It felt like spring was trying to get its foot in the door. Extra bonus was that people were actually barbecuing in the park- so it even smelt like spring! I very much look forward to warblers and WARMTH!
A common merganser male

I think the hooded mergansers are my favorite- I love their gold eyes and the contrast in color on their plumage.
The most unoriginal swans on Earth. Well I learned today that swans do this in real life and not just on computer wall paper or Valentine's day cards.

And then there is always "that guy." Way to ruin the moment, mallard.

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