Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Warmth!

     It's been an especially cold winter, so 42 degrees makes for a heat wave, after many days of the high temperature not making it above 20! So the temptation to get out was there, as far as layering went, all I needed was my jacket. No hat, no scarf, no gloves, no thermals, it felt great to be mobile and not constrained by layers upon layers of fabric.
     I chose a close location, Green-Wood Cemetery, even though it is literally around the block I drove to the main entrance in Sunset Park, on 5th Avenue. I was welcomed by the flock of quaker parrots that live and thrive there, even in the middle of winter.
     It's a great day for a walk, and even better when you still have feeling in your fingers after 2 hours!
Cooper's Hawk - a nice addition to the neighborhood if you are not a pigeon fan.

He told me he is rooting for the Seahawks tomorrow. 

Quaker parrot at the main entrance of Green-Wood Cemetery
A Mourning dove is being dramatic about the weather, it was not that cold out today...
I even found birds on headstones! I love this pigeon addition!
Raccoon Evidence
A dark-eyed junco with bad dining etiquette. 
This robin looked like it was sunning itself. It sat like this for a while with its wings spread. Robins were excited that it was well above freezing. It allowed them to forage in the leaves and soil.
Mocking Bird

I love the pigeon who is trying to move in...
Aside from the coniferous trees, the quakers were he only things that were green in Green-Wood.
Canada Geese take advantage of the patches of grass that are exposed on the lawn as you enter Green-Wood.

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