Saturday, August 15, 2015

Early Morning Beach Walk & Other Fun

     Yesterday, I decided that I would end my work week with a quick stroll on Plumb Beach before work. Even at high tide, shorebirds were all around running along the surf at the shore. I only had a short time to be out for, I bet there would have been more to see if I had the chance to stick around. As always, no complaints, I am gracious to have the chance to do such things before work- this would have never happened as a public school teacher!
Semipalmated plovers were all over the beach, appearing out of what seemed like nowhere. Little shorebirds really have great camouflage, I often don't see them until they move!

Semipalmated sandpipers also were all over the beach, running along the waves-- and unfortunately, debris. Semipalmated refers to the tiny amount of webbing (semi) that occurs between the spread toes (palmated). So it's all about the feet.
A sanderling, a little larger than the sandpiper above intermingled in groups of the sand pipers, and vice versa.
This ring billed gull had captured a small fluke/flounder and has no problem putting it down the hatch.
Oystercatchers flew back and forth along the beach, always coming and going, usually letting you know with their voices.
A great blue heron, we both were not ready for each other, he was well hidden in the grasses that make up the tidal marsh behind the beach. 
A black scoter who has been reported continuing here is off in the channel between Plumb and the Marina/Dead Horse Bay.
Awful shot, but lucky to have a royal tern loudly announce his presence and fly overhead.
This young ring billed gull seemed very handsome in his grey plumage.
This willet was not happy that I needed to walk past him to head back to my car. 
A group of boat-tailed grackles foraged among the grasses near the entry from the parking area. These are all females/youngsters. Males would be all black, with that grackle gloss of iridescent green/purple. 
A funny nest at work, this is pointed out to me by a coworker, a mourning dove and her chick- they must have been walked past SO MANY times, as that is a large chick!
The cute factor, it's there, for sure!
Sweet things, I hope that baby fledges successfully!
     Oh, and bonus wildlife fun... At the Mets Pirates game last night, a little moth friend found me (by flying into my face and landing on my sandal). I claimed him to be a rally moth as a run was scored after meeting him, but apparently his little moth body can only lend so much rally to a baseball game. I would have needed at least 2 more to get a win, haha!
My new friend at the Mets game. I went last Wednesday, where a budgie made an appearance, and was given the title of the rally parakeet
The moth is an oldwife underwing moth. Under the camouflaged wings, you found bright orange, and who ever named this moth, seriously, why??
I made sure he/she was safely released after the game, better luck next time, rally moth.

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