Saturday, October 17, 2015

Brooklyn Birds 10.16.15-10.17.15

     Yesterday I visited Calvert Vaux park yesterday with my birding bud, Daniel. We got around to seeing a few birds, plus a nice white crowned sparrow. We also found an (unfortunate) surprise that made me both sad and already yearning for summer.
     Today I woke up with a massive cold and dragged myself out to Prospect Park. I had some wonderful close birds, but froze the whole time. Temperatures hanging in the 50's is really not my thing.
Enjoy the sights...

From Vaux:
Mourning Dove
Mystery bird, I am calling this an orange crowned warbler, white eyebrow and stripe through the eye.
Better view of the eye markings that make me say orange crowned. It was one of the guesses we tossed around yesterday, but I'd say for sure now, OC.
White crowned sparrow on the ball fields among white throated and field sparrows.
At one point I looked down and was excited, yet saddened by what I found. A ringneck snake, possibly run over - it was very dead and appeared flattened, and had lesions where guts came out from.
These small snakes are beauties in disguise, feeding mainly on worms, slugs, and the stray amphibian. This snake is full grown and it saddened me to find it in such condition.
At the same time, it gives me a little bit of happiness knowing there are herps living here in Brooklyn and makes me yearn for summer, I'd love to find one alive and well. Rest easy, little dude.

From Prospect:
First close bird, a hose wren, basking in the sun.
Part of me was worried, because it let me get rather close and house wrens are not usually like that. He was fine and did eventually hide itself away.
White crowned sparrow atop the Lakeside Green Roof.
The rare and elusive song sparrow. 
Happily ran into 2 rusty blackbirds foraging near the Quaker Cemetery.
Had 2 black-throated green warblers foraging rather close, sometimes only just a few feet away from my feet. They hung out low and on the ground, going after any insects that were around.
The lack of shyness in these birds gave a fun chance to get some nice shots.

Little warbler baroo head tilt. How cute!
Much more flirty, but just as close, I also had two black-thraoted blue males doing the same as the black-throated greens.
Into the ravine, I looked up and this dude was like 10 feet away from my face. A not shy red tail hawk.
Clearly just ate, evidence of dins on that hooked beak.
The killing tools, also showing evidence of its last catch.

Before leaving, 2 American Wigeons swimming with some mallards on the boathouse pond were also a nice little bonus before saying goodbye and trading in my binoculars for the couch and a nap... and lots of tissues.

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