Thursday, October 29, 2015

Throwback! Grand Canyon, Part 2!

     Hey, remember that time we went to the Grand Canyon?! Oh yeah, there are still more pictures that I haven't gotten to!
     We visited the Grand Canyon before driving off toward Vegas. We went back in the hopes of maybe, just maybe catching a glimpse of a California Condor, as they have a small monitored population in the Canyon. We were not lucky enough to see any Condors, but we still had some amazing views from the Bright Angel Area,
     Tim was super awesome, and we came here because he wanted us to be able to see a condor. And I could tell he felt bad that we didn't have more time to look and find a condor. Most women find flowers, cooked dinners, and gifts sweet, but I found it super sweet that he wanted to find a condor for us to see, that is better than any stupid gift ever. Tim, he is pretty kick ass and I was pretty stoked that I got to have a kick ass vacation with a kick ass dude to take in some seriously kick ass views.
Enjoy the kick ass sights:
The rock squirrels in this area were far more fearless, walking up to people. Handouts of food are clearly abundant in the area. Unfortunately when you have none, being pursued by a hungry, human food craving rodent, it puts a little bit of speed into your stride.
Another super creatively named rodent: the cliff chipmunk. Known for living among, you guessed it! Cliffs! They were pretty cute, and also, I imagine, little rodent beggars.
A western scrub jay foraging on pine nuts. The blue on this bird was very brilliant, and they were super skilled in at getting at all those pine nuts.
Condors, where are you?!!
Instead of Condors, I got this life bird, the rock wren! Another cliff, rock, canyon-named animal!
Much bigger than any of the wrens I have seen on the East coast, also, far less shy- but also unlike wrens from our forests, there is little brush to hide within on the rock walls. So this guy was very visible, not shy, and therefore the easiest wren to snap a photo of!
We'll end with a plateau (oh the rocky theme!) fence lizard. A nice chunky specimen at that! This vacation was very memorable, a wonderful experience, and glad I got to enjoy it all with my husband. I give this vacation 5-stars!

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