Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Showers

     Today's April Showers are forecasted to bring in snow this weekend (not. cool.).

     My week has been fairly stressful, and after today's day, out at an expo in Gramercy,  after 6 trains that refused to stop at the station, and after reading, responding, and writing more emails and work related stuff at home, I decided I needed to clear my head and end the day. Thankfully at that time, the rain cleared too and timing could not have been more perfect to go outside and breathe some fresh, after rain air.
My first 2016 Hermit Thrush on Lookout Hill. In the same area also saw my first palm warbler of 2016, signs of many many more to come!
Even though their invasive, even though their common, their plumage can really put on a show. European Starling.
Not only did his plumage put on a show, he also went into song, which includes all sorts of weird sounds.
Even though she's made to blend in, those blue and indigo hues really turn her into a beautiful thing! So modest, with a little bit of hidden flare!
Of course when she stands next to her drake, her camouflage really kicks in.

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