Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Doodletown Trip

     Worked a short day, got out to Doodletown. Now I have a migraine, so, let's just get to pictures of the day...

Left work at 11:30, arrived to bird by a bit after 1pm. 
Hoped to see one, but alas, no dice.
Clouded sulfur, among the many butterflies out in the warm sun.

An Eastern Garter snake slithered down while I was looking at birds, I turned around was pretty stoked to see his sitting pretty behind me just off the trail.
So super cute! An eater of mainly frogs, toads, and when young, worms- harmless to us. 
What I came here for, cerulean warblers, I saw 3, possibly more individuals. They were easier to find than any of the others!
Cerulean bum.
A cruddy look from the side.
Eastern tiger swallowtail.
A crappy shot that turned out alright in the end.

Oh hey, another cerulean!
And another garter snake!

Some species of sucker- not sure exactly what kind, they seemed to be spawning, 
I took some video of they spawning in "formation" in this small little pond under a small falls that ends up in a marsh by Iona Island.

A decent afternoon at Doodletown, for sure.

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