Monday, February 20, 2017

Great Backyard Bird Count - Day 4, Prospect

      On this last day of the Great Backyard Bird Count weekend, I kept it close to home with a walk in Prospect park (and a chance to break in my new running shoes- I have plans to do another half marathon).
     On today's walk I tallied 33 species, and added a few more to my year list. So far I am up to 119 species on my year list (thanks, Florida) and with spring around the corner, it will continue to grow! It was another mild day, with the temperature around 55F, I ventured out in a sweatshirt- again not my typical February garb.
     It was very much a good weekend to get outside in NYC, and man, I sure hope you got outside and took in some sunshine, fresh air, and BIRDS!
A very chatty American Wigeon- squeaking its little face off.

His mate wasn't far behind.

Two ring neck ducks, floating and taking an afternoon nap in the sun-- but with always one eye on the world.

Someone was tossing bread to the gulls, and had some fun capturing them in flight...

All three species of gull were present- but the ring-billed gulls were most numerous.

There were so few shovelers- are they heading North?! All I had today were 4, two pairs swirling and feeing.

The feeders were busy, mainly dominated by American Goldfinch - but the red-wing blackbirds were singing, while it felt like spring, I wondered is it early for singing?

A suet feeder provides a nice view of the red belly of the red-bellied woodpecker.

Male Northern Cardinal

A melanistic Eastern Grey Squirrel

One of my year birds for the day- one in a group of golden-crowned kinglets. They were busy zipping around the lower portions of the trees and shrubs looking for food, vocalizing a lot and moving a lot - as evidenced by this sub-par photo.

A red-tail hawk swooped in over the ravine and took a look at everything below. Kinglets are far too small and fast for this bird to grab. He soon flew off to another area to scope out any potential goodies.
A great weekend of birding- hope you got the chance to participate in the 2017 GBBC- what were your best sights?

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