Monday, February 27, 2017

Past Weekend: GWC & FBF

     Had no time to put anything together this weekend, so here is this weekend in a nutshell from Green-Wood Cemetery to Floyd Bennett Field.
     Starting with Saturday 2.25.17 at GWC:
I LOVE fox sparrows! I hate winter, but I will be sad when winter birds migrate away from here.

Lil chunker!

And now for a bunch of cute monk parakeets!

They were busy foraging on any small buds.

Home sweet home on the brownstone arch at the main entrance. I wonder what their rent is...

I know they aren't natives, but I adore them and they are a lot of fun to watch.

And a grackle fight broke out below the parrots. These guys were locked in and pretty nasty- biting and clawing each other.
And Sunday, 2.26.17 at FBF:
Surprise flyby- a juvenile bald eagle! My first Brooklyn Baldie!

S/he was dived at by a red tail hawk- not too happy to have a big eagle in its air space.

A horned grebe stretches and reveals their super cool feet- they have lobed feet instead of webbed feet to help them swim.

One of two killdeer on the cricket field.

One of many horned larks on the cricket field!

A little wind-swept feather head.

The wind was blowing, so these larks were hanging out near the cricket field rope as a wind breaker.

One of four kestrels flying and hunting over the field.

This one is a male, with its super bright plumage.

One of 3 Turkey Vultures we saw, sporting tag #358 which I reported, I can't wait to learn where it has traveled from!

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