Monday, September 30, 2019

September Wrap Up

     September proved a month that was tough on myself in so many ways. Without getting into details, it did pump the breaks on how much I was able to go out birding but I was grateful for any time that I did get in the out-of-doors. But anyway, here are some birds and here's to looking at October and getting some more outside time!
Some days there are not many birds, thankfully there is still chances to watch other winged things like butterflies and dragonflies.
A monarch sips some nectar from a clover.

Clouded sulphurs were abundant that day and vivid, some were quite orange.

Oh, hai!
A milkweed bug peeks out to take a gander at the world.

The very very smol eastern tailed blue.

A favorite of mine, the buckeye. I love its oranges and browns.

A very not shy house wren. One of the very few birds I saw this day at the salt marsh.

I got the chance to take my friend Christine kayaking for the first time, so I figured the best place to go for two marine bio nerds, the salt marsh!
The yellow-crowned night herons stared us down as we passed them by.

We enjoyed some really nice views of a little blue heron actively hunting.

We also got good look at the other blue heron, the great blue heron.
(I personally think the little blue is also great, if not greater...)
Last weekend I went to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge to look for some avocets.
I found them.
Do you see them?

There they are, tucked up to the left of GREG (great egret).

Big John's pond on the east pond side gave a nice look at green winged teals.

An Eastern Phoebe hunting over Big John's pond. 
An Eastern Comma lands on the rail leading to Big John's pond.

Here's to more birds in October!

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