Saturday, October 12, 2019

Brooklyn Social Birding

     I needed today. It was so refreshing to go birding with people. I never realize how much stamina I have when friends are around to want to see more. We also see a lot more and working together to ID a bird is so much more fun and less frustrating with others. I also learn a ton from them.
     Work, getting projects done in our home, and life has been taxing on time so it was very therapeutic to see folks I have not seen in some time and to look at birds together. Friends and Birds is the stuff that makes me happy.
     Today we hit up Calvert Vaux, Plumb Beach, and Floyd Bennett Field:
At Plumb we saw both Nelson's (here) and Saltmarsh Sparrows.

I love these little birds, their bright ochre yellow really makes them quite handsome and a standout from many of the other local sparrows.

They also have little round bellies, and that is very cute.

These sparrows are always a fall treat. Forget pumpkin spice, give me cute sparrows!

Bonus bird, we were treated to a marsh wren split.

Bonus blurd, a marbled godwit flew in as we were leaving.
My camera needs a cleaning quite badly. So focusing was... special.
Hopefully we will fix that next week.

A very good Eastern Phoebe at Floyd Bennett Field.
It's whisker game is on point.
It's ability to find backdrops of fall hues is perfection.

I hope you catch many flies and yummy things.

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