Saturday, February 20, 2021

Disruption by Kestrel

     Birding today was just a challenge and the truth of it all, is it's never a perfect day out every time. The snow stopped and the sun was out today so I offered to my husband, maybe we all should go out for a walk today. So as a family, we all went out to a park in Queens. The paths looked clear, it looked to be like a perfect place to go, but I didn't account for one thing, a breeze.

    Our baby cried. And cried, and cried, and cried. Until she was carried. And then my guilt kicked in and I was done. Birding with a kiddo in the winter is for sure a challenge, so I am looking forward to warm weather, less layers for us all, and for a breeze to be a comfort rather than a hindrance. So, needless to say, our morning outing was short lived.

    I let my husband have some time to himself to work on some projects of his own, and then I went out again after lunch to Plumb beach, where yet another kestrel would just not let me have my way.

At Baisley Pond Park, we made it 1/4 of the path around before turning back. I just could not let this kid be uncomfortable or have my husband have to carry her the entire walk (she heavy!). 
So saw a ring-billed duck...

...Saw a redhead. And home we went. In the car, of course she hung out, took a tiny nap and was so content. Warm weather can't come soon enough, this cold is not comfy for anyone.

This Afternoon, I headed to Plumb Beach. And hoping to see common redpoll, which I did get to see. They were working the frozen grasses and plants on the dunes. They moved on from one plot to another.

As they moved on, I tried not to get too distracted by close to shore red-throated loons.

But then an American Kestrel showed up and that was the end of the redpoll show.
I tried to search a little bit more for them. but soon gave up and made my way out.

Then, all the brant took flight.
A big raptor loomed high above the geese.

An immature bald eagle just casually soared by, giving all the birds a good fright.

So, while things didn't go exactly the way I envisioned, I'm thankful I got out... for a tiny bit as a family and later on my own. Gotta be thankful for what ability I have to do what was done today Thankful for a wonderful partner \and a well-behaved baby who makes parenting and still doing the things that make you who you are, still do-able.

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