Monday, March 1, 2021

A Singing Wigeon

     You ever hear an American Wigeon sing its majestic song? It opens its mouth and with all its might give the wheeziest, nasal squeak. Like an old rubber ducky toy in a tub, water logged, with a questionable culture of mildew growing inside, but given a big enough series of squeezes, a long drawn out, nasal squeaks will erupt. That is the sound of the American Wigeon.

    I saw one last week after work at the park on the way home. And this fella was in a musical mood.

This handsome fella, the drake American Wigeon was out to impress.
Soon They will be going back north to nest, so this guy has some work to do.

And there he goes.
If you still need some help, imagining the majesty of his call, I'll help you out:

... And he was not stopping!
Folks may not realize that the mallard quack we all know, is definitely not what all ducks sound like, in fact different species make all kind of different sound. Some are pretty whacky, I can't wait to teach them all to my kiddo.

Unfortunately there were no wigeon hens anywhere nearby to hear his beautiful crooning. But my heart was touched by those sweet little squeaks.

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