Monday, March 8, 2021

Green-Wood Cemetery 3.6.21

     I had a little time to myself this past Saturday to go out and do some birding. Most mom's have their mom time doing all sorts of things, maybe the salon, a spa, I have no idea what typically moms do when they have "me time," but I enjoy doing some birding, then pick up dumplings and bubble tea.

    I headed over to Green-Wood Cemetery and upon entry, the action began with raptors overhead.

A local cele-birdy, "Rover," the 3.5 year old bald eagle (you can tell by their plumage) was right overhead as I entered the cemetery. He even took a glance it me, it seemed.

I found most of the action to be around the Dell Water, there were very many American robins flipping leaves and digging around for insects. A sign of spring is watching these birds' diets change from winter berries to insects.

In addition to many robins, there were also very many mourning doves around the Dell, foraging for seeds on the ground.

Around the feeders, and foraging on the ground were house finches. Who were also busy singing their song. As the birds sing, it gives me hope that warm days are ahead.

And then, I spotted my favorite sparrow.
Fox sparrows are so good.

Big, bold, and similar plumage to myself, I love everything about these sparrows.

They will soon be heading to their breeding grounds, well North of here. I'll miss them.

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