Monday, June 30, 2014

Greenburgh Nature Center

     I spent the day upstate, and after driving my husband into work, I decided I'd pick up an egg and cheese and eat breakfast in the wilderness and go for a hike. I decided on Greenburgh Nature Center, in Scarsdale, NY - I knew of this place because I participated in a fundraiser for them and recall looking them up and liking what I saw. It also is the only place I knew of in Westchester to go for a spur of the moment hike.
     My breakfast in the wilderness took place in my car, but the walk after was wonderful. Early in the day the birds were singing, there is nothing more fairytale-esque than wood thrushes singing in the morning during a walk in the woods. I liked the center, the trails were nice and I felt surrounded by wildlife, and if you had kids, it is definitely kid friendly with a museum, playground, farm animals, and non-releaseable wildlife.
The catbirds were active, not only "mewing," but singing their lovely little songs. 
An ebony jewel-wing damselfly- he was metallic and so beautiful. Unlike dragonflies, damselflies are not fast fliers, this one in particular fluttered like a butterfly.
The bluejays were loud as they encouraged their freshly fledged chick to move about. I love those baby bird feathers! Still so downy and absolutely adorable!
An Eastern cottontail was stirred by the bluejay commotion.
Downy woodpeckers squabble for tree space... 
... this guy had to claim a new tree.
I almost stepped on this chipmunk! He was so into whatever he was eating that he didm't mind my close range.
Silver-spotted skipper
As I was getting ready to leave, I saw a family of red tail hawks. Mama/papa in the foreground, two juveniles in the background. It felt like they were captive birds, just perfectly positioned in this tree, all together, but they were definitely wild...
This juvenile was a whiner, calling constantly.
The other sibling had its game face on, clearly this one does not mess around. 
Crying that baby hawk cry...
The face that lets you know it has talons and knows fully how to use them...

The whiny sibling flew off and cried out more. The other played it cool and along with the parent bird, clearly understand their role in the food chain...
     For more info on Greenburgh Nature Center, check out their website and have a visit!

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