Thursday, May 7, 2015

Birds and Blooms

    What a tiring but fulfilling day. It all began with a 5 mile run in Prospect, then after a shower, birding in Prospect, a stroll though Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and then back to Prospect, because, why not! My legs and feet are tired, but I'm happy.
     While I didn't get photos of every single thing, I still have a lot of photos, so I will let them do the talking:
This mornings wondering began with a walk up and down Lookout Hill, where I got a few firsts of the season, like this oven bird. They are warblers but look and act more like a thrush. They are slightly smaller than a robin, and less loud when foraging through the leaves.
Another first of the season, and a favorite- the common yellowthroat.
Isn't he just so darn cute in that little super hero mask? 
And another first of the season for myself, a magnolia warbler. These guys are always up so darn high. Serious neck soreness tonight after all day out.
Another sweet treat, a red-eyed vireo. Also had the chance to run into some other friendly Brooklyn birders which I always love. It's so nice to put faces to the names of folks you see on eBird or in birding communities.
Next stop, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which was in full bloom!
And enter life bird, Bay-breasted warbler. I was very excited to find him in an oak just outside the rock garden. It is so amazing, the cycles of nature. Last week the maples were blooming and full of birds. This week the oaks are flowering and again, were great for spotting birds either eating the flowers and nectar or catching the insects feeding on the flowers.
Oh yeah, the cherry blossoms were AH-MAY-ZING.
Always handsome, cardinals. But I was secretly hoping every cardinal I saw could possibly be a tanager...
A Brooklyn bun hides away in the native plant garden. Eastern cottontails are plentiful in Prospect Park and clearly are also in the garden.
Male Baltimore orioles squabble over things that orioles squabble about. Perhaps territory, as once one retreated, the one who won, I suppose, calmed down.
They are so dang gorgeous.
A robin bathes in a small stream in the garden.
A very sleepy raccoon.
Back to Prospect. I run by this nest every time I am in Prospect, so I had to pull over on my bike and capture it. It's made not of just natural material, but ribbons and strings. Amazing this bird didn't get entangled in making this nest.

Love birds... or love doves? They were preening each other and being, dare I say it, lovey-dovey.
And of course, the black-and-white warblers are the only warblers who don't mind getting close for a (quick) photo-op. I'm not complaining, but I wish others too would be so bold. Love these guys!

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