Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Morning Rescue

     Like any good Brooklyn resident, I start my morning by looking out my window and checking out the neighborhood. I saw the neighbors cat, who lives 90% of the time outdoors, going bonkers. Then I saw bird fly with the cat in hot pursuit. Like a cartoon, this was happening all within a large bush, so I only saw little moments of this. Then finally after some time, I see only the cat, cooly emerge with something in its mouth. I "PSST'd" at him and he paused to show little feathers in his mouth.
     Like a good crazy Brooklyn lady, I ran out, like a cartoon character in my, I kid you not, pajama shorts with little hearts on them, threw on a fleece to not look as crazy-- but let's be honest, being barefoot really didn't help either. And of course my own cat waiting for me at the front door was the icing on the cake for any neighbors peering out their window.
     I ran into my neighbors unkept front yard, cornered the cat- who growled at me but I approached close and he dropped the bird. The fledgling house sparrow was mobile but catchable. I gave him the once over, no blood, not any visible wounds, wings could extend. My husband watched his crazy wife do all this and helped to set up a box that we could put him in to regain his confidence-- and put high up in a shrub.
     He sat and 10 minutes later gone. I hope he is alright, but I also hope that this helps people understand that outdoor cats, even the well fed, find birds as a play thing. They will play with it and kill it, and usually not eat it.
     I also promise I am a cat lover, I have rescued feral kittens and got them out for adoption, but I love all animals and do not think that our pets need to cause unnecessary death to the wildlife- even though house sparrows are totally invasive species. I suppose I am not perfect.
Covered in cobwebs from the gross windowsill I retrieved him from. Poor little guy, I mean, doesn't your heart melt just a bit?
So tiny and probably so terrified, fully feathered and out of the nest allows me to know that this bird does not need to be "kept" and turned in to anyone. He is ready to learn the lessons of the world. Lessons 1 & 2 learned, stay up high and avoid cats.
Recovering and hopefully reuniting with his family-- who was bugging out during his pursuit. Good luck, little dude!
Find a baby bird? Learn what to do here:

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