Monday, May 4, 2015

Post Work Walk 5.4.15

     After work today I found myself furiously pedaling my bike home to get some quality birding time. I made it to Prospect, met up with some wonderful people and had some good sights. Sights included first of the year/season black-throated blue warbler, yellow warbler, veery, and Northern waterthrush. I also got a lifer, a solitary sandpiper, a very lovely, leggy thing. I could tell upon first sight it was no spotted sandpiper, which is rounder with shorter legs. So that was pretty exciting for me as well.
     As far as photographs went today, the show stopper was a very not shy black-and-white warbler. Sometimes those little birds can be quite bold.

     Also, don't forget, May 9th is the Global Big Day- log your sightings into eBird. On that day I will be leading a walk at the Bronx Zoo Birdathon, maybe I'll see you there!

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