Sunday, January 10, 2016

Today be like...

     It's grey out there and super wet, I woke up to rain, after a very sleepless night. I heard the rain slow down and figured I'd get out to the farmer's market to drop off our food scraps and pick up some fancy mushrooms from one of my favorite farm stands for gravy this week. The busses I took were perfectly timed and the heavy winter jacket and hat I wore along with my umbrella were not needed. 
     I saw there was a break in the rain for a few hours and figured I'd just go for a quick jaunt in Green-Wood Cemetery, as I am not a sedentary being. Birds were out, found a lot of sapsuckers and red-bellied woodpeckers- the juncos flew in little groups from low bush to low branch, flowing forward in small waves. I got caught in a quick little shower, but remained dry otherwise. The ground was soggy instead of frozen as temperatures were easily in the upper 50's low 60's. The air even had a smell of spring to it, especially around the mulch piles near the Dell Water.
     My favorite find was this guy below, because now that I am home, returned just as the rain picked up again, I'm going to take some cues from him... A nap sounds really great right about now.
Nocturnal by habit, this raccoon found some prime shelter for the diurnal shift. Covered from the rain and shielded from the wind. But perfect for peering out to see what lurks below.

After a walk around the Dell Water, I returned to find that this raccoon has zero interest in the daylight.

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