Saturday, March 4, 2017

Waxwings, Among Other Things.

     After being spoiled by a February that was more like late March-early April in weather, it's now March, acting like February. My run this morning was SO COLD, it was below freezing for sure. Well, even a bit later in the day, not much difference- except the wind picked up and it felt even colder.
     I decided to go into Green-Wood Cemetery because I could hop in and out of my car to get some respite from the cold. I was hoping to see a woodcock, but instead I saw one of my most favorite songbirds, the cedar waxwing. So I was really happy to watch them, feeding and staying out of the wind. I saw some other birds too, I just happen to favor waxwings... enjoy!
A tufted titmouse among nuthatches (both red and white breasted) and chickadees feeding under my favorite "magic tree."

Enjoyed some Cedar Waxwings at the Crescent Water.

I love their masks, their coloration, how it blends one color into the next- they are a beautiful bird.

They were in the trees eating the fresh buds that are starting to come in- you can see some next to this bird.

A close up view of a very erect crest, these guys can also put those feathers down flat to change their appearance a bit.

A male house finch, floofed up to keep warm in today's cold.

The waxwings were also feeding in the holly bush next to the tree I originally found them in... very tempted by those berries!


Down the hatch, the berries are pretty big in comparison to this little bird, that should hold him over for a little bit!

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