Thursday, March 30, 2017

Salt Marsh Re-do

     After yesterday's loon adventure, my friend Molly and I went for a walk at the Salt Marsh Nature Center with hopes of seeing a Wilson's Snipe, and really anything! I am happy to report the loon ate fish today, still had its feisty nature and was transported to the Wild Bird Fund- I hope a happy ending is in store.
     The tide was super low and we walked along the water portion of the loop trail. We did run into a young birder and they were absolutely brilliant. The young birder reported they saw a lesser yellowlegs, we asked how they knew it was a lesser and not a greater: "because it looked cuter, and the lesser is cuter than the greater." A child after my own heart! Kid was quite knowledgeable and was recalling field marks- super impressive and lovely to see 'em starting young! That kid's enthusiasm really set the tone for our little adventure...
We were super stoked to see (possibly) Kings County's FOY Glossy Ibis!

Three Glossy Ibis to be exact, the flew east- perhaps toward JBWR.

One half of the osprey pair was being quite boisterous, seeming to display in dives and swoops, while vocalizing and talons dangling.

An American Tree Sparrow pops out from the grasses.

This American robin led us down the trail that I found the loon off of yesterday- like a little leprechaun, was he guiding us to what we were seeking?

A red-tail hawk swooped off of a branch and flew itself around, flushing out a killdeer AND our Wilson's snipe who flew off (quickly) into the distance. 

After circling around, the hawk perched and had himself another go.

And then the osprey chased him off and away, temporarily.

I saw the osprey yesterday with someones koi/goldfish... and another today. Someone somewhere in Marine Park Brooklyn is finding their pond short of fish...

An American crow pested this osprey with its fish prize, but he never gave it up.

Graced with the presence of the Eurasian Wigeon on our way out.

A nice side-by-side of an American (rear) with the Eurasian Wigeon.

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