Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NY Botanical Garden 4.2.17

     With word out about the owlets at NYBG, I had to get out to see them. Normally Owl nest sites are kept secret, very taboo to share. But these Great Horned owls made their nest in as public as a space as one can get at NYBG. Thankfully with restrictions of lawn usage, it keeps the immediate area around their nest quiet and free of crowds- although I won't lie, the garden staff asks folks to be quiet near the nest but they honk like crazy on the path loudly and continuously with trams and delivery trucks.
     My husband and I checked out the grounds, not much in bloom just yet. But my very patient husband was kind enough to let me torture myself with the 500+ crappy photos I took from way across the lawn hoping to get at least one okay shot. Basically I got no okay shots, but so it goes!
Cropped and shot at 500mm from far across the lawn, a family of three.

Tim equated the chicks to muppets. I agree, very muppet-like.

Such an odd little being...

"Aren't owls nocturnal?"
Yes, but just like any baby, these little guys get hungry, restless, and a hand-full -- wing-full? Giving this parent lots to keep an eye on. Also, these birds are not active-- hunting, flying, etc. But they do need to be aware. I did see a red tail hawk dive at the nest area. I'm sure crows also cause trouble. So being aware, makes you a good parent and keeps your babies and nest site safe.
Behind the buildings where the owl nest is, there are some ponds and swamps that boast some lovely wood ducks. This female up close even shows hints of iridescence. 

She is very beautiful, even compared to the flashy male.

Show off.

Glad to see a hairy woodpecker, this is my first for 2017. That larger, thicker bill is a sure sign this is not a downy woodpecker.

A small tree collected water in between its branches where these blue jays stopped for a drink (and photo op).

Some last looks before we went back to Brooklyn.

The chicks were plenty busy running around, stretching their wings, and preening.

Clearly this one is the favorite in this Lion King moment... 

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